An Expecting Mother’s Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special part in a woman’s life. You will no longer consider only your own needs, but the needs of your children as well. Nine months may have been sufficient to create that sublime connection of affection between a mother and her children. That same nine months should also be healthy nine months as well. A mother needs to stay healthy and fit during the pregnancy not only for her own health, but for the health of her unborn child as well.

There are many mothers out there, each with different pregnancy circumstances. This list should at least give every mother an idea on how to lead a healthy pregnancy, and can be useful for women monitoring their ovulation symptoms too.

Eat a well-balanced diet. This is perhaps the most crucial rule from the healthy pregnancy rulebook. Sometimes, it’s easier said than done. If you’d look for healthy recipes for pregnant women, you might be overwhelmed by the number of ingredients. Some of them you may have not encountered yet. You only need to remember a rule of thumb in eating: more fruits and vegetables and less fatty foods. For drinks, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Remember to drink water. Lots and lots of water.

Exercise. Another rule in the book, and very much easier said than done. Many special yoga classes for pregnant women are offered, and it won’t hurt to join one. Going to gyms is not advisable, though. Simple fitness routines like calisthenics or even the basic breathing/stretching set would suffice. It’s just important to listen to your body, and for you to carry on through the delivery.

Be wary on prescription. Only take in drugs or other supplements that are prescribed by your doctor or midwife. You may be attracted by advertisements by superfoods or herbal supplements that promise a healthier body, but it’s not good for you until it’s officially prescribed to you. Being healthy is basically listening to your body and naturally responding to it through exercise and diet, and not on some miracle supplements.

Read, read and then read. Be well-informed of what complications or health risks you may be compromised to, now that you’re pregnant. There is a high mortality rate for pregnant women, and you must know why and what to do to avoid such catastrophic event. If you have another physical ailment that’s bothering you, read on real-life testimonials on how they survived. It would be better to also ask your doctor or midwife for more specialized tips on your pregnancy. If you’re normal and healthy, then reading to be informed also doubles to pass the time.

Get enough sleep. Now that you’re pregnant, your condition is more guarded and vulnerable than any other queen in history. Give yourself ample time to rest. If you feel like sleeping, take that nap. A vacation on a windy beach would help you sleep better and soundly.

In considering these tips, there are many others omitted, like pregnant mothers should not smoke. Then, we thought: who in their right mind would smoke while pregnant? For a healthy pregnancy, it’s important to be sensible on what you take in. After all, you’re not only thinking of your own health, but the health of the unborn baby as well.

Benefits of Soya milk

Milk is always considered as a direct protein and all age group of men, women and children are highly recommended to include milk in their daily diet. While cow milk has been in use for many decades, in 21st century, where there is lot of research and development on protein food, Soya milk has proved to be one of the best sources of free sugar naturals.

Medically and from the view point of nutrition, soya milk is rich in calcium and protein and works well to help maintain a healthy body. For those who are working on weight loss or for reducing heart and coronary diseases, it is highly recommended by the medical practitioners.

Apart from providing good appetite, it energizes the body and keeps the digestive system absolutely neat and clean providing good health to the body. Especially for seniors and children, there is lot of requirement of protein and calcium. Therefore a cup of soya milk in the morning and a cup in the evening should be included in daily diet.

Soya milk is directly extracted from Soya grains and this is 100% vegetarian. As a high breed product, soya contains naturally grown vitamins and proteins that are most ideally accepted by the body giving absolutely good health.

Not only all other minor and major ailments are controlled but the entire body grows and functions properly. In terms of taste and appearance also, soya milk is very good and children really appreciate it. When it comes to the aspect of lowering cholesterol in the blood, doctors recommend to go for soya milk and it will help the heart system to regain its perfect functioning and also reduces the harmful effects.

While there are plenty of favors and varieties in soya milk, children and elders generally prefer to chocolate and vanilla flavors. Soya milk also controls high blood pressure as it contains low sodium, low saturated fat and very high in fiber content. The presence of Vitamin B1 in the form of Thiamin helps for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

While buying soya milk, it is always recommended to check the protein levels as there are several brands available in the market. Additionally checking date of packing and date of expiry will also help to choose freshly packed soya milk.

Making the body absolutely toxic free and keeping the body in a healthy way is one of the basic functions of soya milk. To those who are malnourished, a cup of soya milk will soon give them good health and makes them energized.

As approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration of US), Soya milk has low percentage of saturated fats that is most ideal to reduce and prevent heart diseases. It says at least 25 grams of soy protein should be included in daily meals. Further the risk of diabetes is also reduced.

As compared to the regular dairy milk that is being made available, shifting to soya milk is definitely good and it can be considered as a health drink for entire family.

How To Cure Bad Breath

Bad breath is a nuisance for both men and women and can affect wherever and whenever you are. So before you find yourself in an awkward position, it is recommended to be better off and start treating the condition early. What are then the available cures that will help you get rid of bad breath for good?

Bad breath is also coined as halitosis. Unpleasant odors are noticeable whenever a person exhales during breathing. This is caused by tooth decay, food, poor oral hygiene, or underlying health conditions like diabetes. Eventually, it may become a reason for the many affected individuals to seek dental and medical help.

If you do not want your breath to affect your social life and even your self-esteem, follow these treatments to help eliminate the problem. So let’s get started!

  • Start with oral hygiene
  • How do you cure bad breath? One obvious solution that anyone can go for is having proper oral hygiene. Since your mouth is inhabited by millions of bacteria which feed on the food you eat, it is then important for you to clean it regularly. For the tongue, simply clean it using a tongue cleaner or your tooth brush. As for the teeth, brushing and flossing will do. In these manners, you can reduce the bacteria and fight bad breath.

  • Reducing consumption of food-causing bad breath
  • Bad breath can be attributed to the food you eat. For instance, onions and garlic have pungent aroma and they stick to the oral cavity. As for meat, its particles can get stuck in between teeth making it a sumptuous meal for the bacteria. Therefore, minimize consumption of these foods.

  • Watch your diet
  • Your diet also has its role in treating bad breath. Do not consume less than 100 grams of carbohydrates as this will trigger a body process called ketosis. It is the body’s mechanism to burn fats to supply the body with the needed energy. However, this causes bad breath.

  • Do not let your mouth go dry
  • Saliva is one defense mechanism of the body to deter the growth of microorganisms. It contains oxygen that helps eliminate their presence. With such capability, saliva can be considered as a natural antibacterial of the body.
    Now, the question is how are you going to keep your mouth hydrated? All you have to do is simply drink plenty of water. In addition, chewing gum can also be of help.

  • Say no to cigarettes
  • Aside from developing health issues, one of the notorious causes of halitosis is cigarette smoking. In the long run, plaques will buildup and will dry your mouth making it a suitable environment for the microorganisms to multiply.

  • Treat underlying health problems
  • Do you have diabetes or liver problems? One of the symptoms of these infirmities is bad breath, so if you do not want to be burdened, confer with your doctor and have it managed and treated.

  • Visit your dentist
  • If all the mentioned ways to treat bad breath seemed to have no effects on you, better consult your dentist. It may need cleaning to solve tartar buildup. With this, having it cleaned at least twice a year will suffice.

    Indeed, bad breath is bothersome. However, there are a lot of ways to solve such stinky problem. Simply know its cause and treat appropriately. You may as well seek professional help if needed. Once you overcome this, you can already face the world with confidence.

    The Anatomy of the Ear

    Our ears are composed of 3 main parts, the External Ear, the Middle Ear and the Inner Ear. The External Ear is the one we physically see. The one placed outside the body. It is also called as Pinna. Its primary function is to protect the eardrum, which is on the middle ear, from all possible damages. The external ear is composed of 2 parts that helps protecting the eardrum. One is the Ear Canal, and the other is the Earwax.

    The Ear canal is about 1 ¼ inches long that goes between the Pinna and Eardrum. Its other purpose aside from protecting the eardrums is to collect and direct the sound waves going to the eardrum. Earwax is a different thing, it is a modified sweat gland found inside the ear canal. Its function is to prevent bacteria, insects and things alike to come inside and damage the eardrum.

    The Middle Ear is composed of parts that are found beyond the eardrum. These are the parts where sound waves are processed and transmitted to the brain. Thus, this really needs to be protected. Once the middle ear gets damaged, there would be a increased chance of hearing loss, which could be permanent or temporary.

    Its primary function is to efficiently convert acoustic energy from compression waves to fluid–membrane waves within the cochlea. In short terms, to let you hear. The middle ear is composed of many parts. The Ossicles, or also known as the Movable Bones, converts the sound waves going to the eardrum into mechanical vibrations. It is also considered as one of the smallest bones in the human body. The Malleus, or known as the Hammer, is the part of the middle ear that is found inside of the eardrum. Incus (Anvil), or the middle bone, which connects the Malleus to the Stirrup (stapes). The base of the Stirrup fills the oval window which leads to the inner ear.

    The middle ear, furthermore, is an air-filled cavity, known as Tympanic Cavity, carved out of the Temporal Bone. It has the Eustachian Tube connected to it, which goes all the way to the throat/nasopharynx. This ear-throat connection makes the ear more susceptible to a potential ear infection. The Eustachian tube serves as the equalizer of air pressure in the eardrum. Equalizing air pressure ensures the normal vibration of the eardrum when sound waves come in.

    Lastly, the Inner Ear; the Inner Ear is a small, maze-like, fluid-filled tube that has two main functions: hearing and balance. But it functions more on balance as it is part of the Vestibular System. It has parts which has a complex anatomy that provides these important functions.

    Being called as Labyrinth for its other term, the Inner Ear has two primary sub parts, the Bony Labyrinth and a Membranous Labyrinth. The Bony Labyrinth contains a sequence of canals in the bone. The Bony Labyrinth is a hollow cavity in the temporal bone of the skull with a system of passages comprising two main functional parts. It contains a fluid called perilymph and the membranous labyrinth. The Membranous Labyrinth, on the other hand, is a group of intersecting sacs and ducts that contains a fluid called Endolymph.

    The three regions of the labyrinth that provide the functions of the inner ear are the Cochlea, Vestibular System and Semicircular Canals. Cochlea is the one in charge for hearing; converting sound waves from the outer ear into electrochemical impulses, which are being sent out to the brain through the aid of the auditory nerves. The Vestibular System is the one that balances everything in the body. A Semicircular Canal is one of the three semicircular interconnected tubes located inside each ear. The three canals are the horizontal semicircular canal, superior semicircular canal, and the posterior semicircular canal. It primarily provides sensory input for experiences of rotary movements.

    Herniated disc surgery: Choosing the right surgeon

    Herniated disc surgery: Choosing the right surgeon

    For most of us who have experienced a herniated disc, the pain can be incredible. There are many different types of treatments to help you reduce the pain and heal the condition. However, for some people, no amount of treatment works and the last resort may be spine surgery.

    If you have tried everything and been in regular discussion with your doctor throughout the process, you may have already discussed the possibility of surgery. The decision is not an easy one to take and there are many possible outcomes and things to consider relating to surgery. However, the one aspect of choosing to having herniated disc surgery is finding the best possible surgeon.

    There are many different types of surgeons, some great, some bad and most are very good. The right surgeon for your surgery is a very important decision to make and not one that should be rushed into. This may sound difficult, especially if you are in pain an the herniated disc feels like it is destroying your life. We understand in this case that you may want to have surgery as soon as possible but the decision will live with you forever so make sure its a good one.


    Questions to ask your herniated disc surgeon:

    • What specific type of surgery will be done and why?
    • Can they recommend a second opinion?
    • Are all the non-surgical options exhausted?
    • What procedure will be used?
    • Can I speak with other past patients who had this type of surgery?
    • How long will the surgery take?
    • Are there any potential side-effects or risks?
    • How long will the recovery period be?
    • Will the surgeon perform the entire procedure?
    • How many times have they performed this type of surgery? Success rates?
    • What are the success rates for this type of surgery?
    • Will I have to stay in hospital after the surgery? For how long?
    • Will I have much pain after the surgery? How will the pain be managed?
    • Aftercare? Who can I contact if I have any problems after the surgery?
    • Are any limitation expected? If yes, for how long¡
    • When can I start physical therapy after the surgery?

    You need to remember that getting this information will put your mind at rest as well as giving you more confidence in your surgeon. Any surgeon that is not comfortable with these questions or is unable to answer them fully, might not be the surgeon for you.

    Finally, we would recommend speaking to people who work in the hospital, possibly even people who work in the operating room. Calling the hospital and asking to speak to an operating room nurse or a nurse anesthetist to ask them their opinion on the particular surgeon may shed some light and help make up your mind for you. Also, you could ask them to recommend a surgeon that they would feel comfortable to choose for a family member, this would give you some valuable insights into which surgeon would be the best.